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Rising Light Therapies

natural healing, restoring balance & wellbeing

"we all need healing at different times in our lives"

Jack Kornfield


to Rising Light Therapies

Self-Care at the hub in Dornoch
Natural Healing and Wellbeing

Please take this opportunity and discover a space for self care, taking time to leave the outside world of ‘stuff’ behind. The beautiful town of Dornoch in the Highlands of Scotland holds a space for you to come to feel energised and rested. I offer a selection of complimentary therapies for healing, health maintenance, performance, restoring balance, and wellbeing.

The sole focus at Rising Light Therapies is to promote self- healing.  To improve health and wholeness for the mind, body, and spirit. All therapies are non-invasive, comfortable and are viably effective in alleviating all manner of ailments including pain, discomfort, stress, emotional anguish, and anxiety.

the Rising Light Therapies

Healing and Wellbeing
Emmett Technique

To ease discomfort, pain, and injury. Soothe the areas treated, such as back, shoulders, legs, and arms. Emmett Technique can help relieve pain, gain a more restful sleep and enhance mood.

Usui & Karuna Reiki

Can assist to free emotional trauma, a ‘foggy’ mind, stuckness, stress build up, fatigue and anxieties. Utilising Universal Energy to bring a sense of peace and calm.

Access Bars

Removes and declutters the mind of the intensity of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. A down to earth tool to bring clarity and ease into your life.

Light Conversations

Talking is cathartic and can release intense emotional stress which enables you to benefit in many ways.

My approach

I am an independent Reiki Master/Teacher and have many (many) years of experience! Throughout my journey I have accumulated a ‘toolkit’ of healing methods which have not only helped me but I’ve used these to assist countless others along the way. I work intuitively, and sensitively, all treatments and/or consultations are confidential.

Rising Light Therapies
Healing and Wellbeing Treatments in the relaxing Hub at Dornoch

Light Conversations

Regardless of where you are at in life, having a conversation will often relieve stress or bring a different realisation. Talking things over with someone outside your circle of friends or family allows you to find solutions they often cannot give. Although they have your best interest at heart, they will often say what you need or want to hear.

At Rising Light, the therapies can help you find your Light

take time for you

Sessions at Rising Light Therapies can enable you to

  • find a sense of peace and calm, and discover what else is possible.
  • feel more at ease within your body with enhanced emotional wellbeing
  • enjoy a truly relaxing form of therapy and discover healing
  • learn the system of Usui Reiki for self-development, and enhance the quality of life (one-to-one courses)